What we Provide

Project Services

Pyramid provides a specific Avoidance Dispute Resolution service. We have consultants dedicated to Claims Preparation, Analysis & Defence, Commercial / Quantum, Planning / Forensic & Delay, Arbitration and Litigation Support and Expert Witness.

Pyramid understands that disputes are expensive commercially, adding time to any project and potentially causing serious damage to the reputations of a business. Through a deep routed understanding of how this works on a project and the implications this has to a client’s abilities to deliver a project, Pyramid offer specialist service that can support this globally.

Through time spent servicing this niche discipline we have shown our commitment to our clients and helped them manage project costs, time frames and prevents cash flow restrictions. By utilising Pyramids expert skills sets our clients gain access to a group of global claims and dispute resolution professionals, that are not normally accessible to other businesses. The network and relationships have been established over the years and have been built on trust and a deep rooted understanding of this market place, supporting some of the largest names in the claims and dispute resolution sector.

Avoidance Dispute Resolution:

Pyramid’s Claims expertise is delivering the right personnel to our client’s Commissions, Claims Preparation, Analysis & Defence.

If you are interested in using Pyramid Recruitment Ltd for your staffing needs please email us or call on +44 (0) 1483 343166.